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Our national team of experts can provide you with comprehensive solutions that will get your practice in top shape, in a manner that is consistent with your values and leaves you in total control.

From the front office to the C-Suite, Healthwise can consult and improve any aspect of medical practice management. We can assess all areas of your practice and use advanced techniques like Six-Sigma and LEAN thinking to streamline your operations to create a more efficient and profitable business. We will work with your current leadership or step in and augment your practice in the short term.

Maybe you’re a group of physicians who want to start your own private practice, or an established practice who needs support in specific areas like your computer network, marketing or leadership, or a practice who just wants to add new services like molecular testing, a clinical lab, pathology services or any type of in-house ancillary.

Healthwise Management has a  comprehensive startup program and an array of clinical assessment tools to give your practice a 360-degree look that goes deep into the roots of your practice from syndication to clinical excellence to an exceptional patient experience.  We’ll walk your team through a step-by-step solution that is mindful of cost and brings the most value for your practice.

From a comprehensive turnkey startup to individualized al la carte’ services, Healthwise Management will provide you with the best solution for YOUR practice.  Our philosophy is to “chase excellence, and the money will follow.”   Most importantly, you and your team remain in control of your business.

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Clinical Program Planning

Our systematic planning approach stems from a quote by Yogi Berra, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

Healthwise can engage on a single clinical project or multiple programs ranging from small to enterprise-wide. We view every initiative as unique and take a close look at the clinical efficacy, community need, and economic sustainability as they relate to your clinic values and patient experience.

We dive deep into the hard questions! Any new program will need to be economically responsible and sustainable. Does the proposed service meet the needs of your patients, the practice, and the community? What is the optimal way to provide the clinical service that offers the best value to all constituents? What are the economics of this new service? How do you measure its clinical impact? All of these questions need to be answered before you wade into murky waters and start spending money!

Healthwise Management will also help you stay focused on the long game. Consumer-facing coordinated care is the new game and we’ll shape your new service to thrive in the current reimbursement environment with the ability to migrate to emerging payment mechanisms. We will help you with quality metrics and work with payors on reimbursement and the risk corridor.

In every new clinical program, we’ll make sure that your team is in control and has the tools to manage the project on a continuing basis. We promise to always highlight the development, startup and ongoing operational expenses to make sure you’re achieving both the service level and operating margin you expect—without surprises!

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There are three critical phases of any telemedicine engagement: Data collection, staging the patient for the visit and the encounter. In most cases, this workflow is a series of phone calls and the physician visit requires the patient to be on a laptop or workstation. It may also be the case that you are paying for a video conferencing license and have no way to communicate securely with your patient other than a phone call.

Healthwise can show you a better way. We have learned that there is a better, faster and cheaper way, using an integrated system that supports your workflow. Secure text messaging video conferencing and data exchange can all be accomplished with one license, one platform and one low cost.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, telemedicine services have become critical and will remain an important part of any medical practice. Healthwise has in-house experts in web-based engagements for learning solutions and healthcare encounters. We can evaluate your present method of telemedicine, find savings and increase efficiency.

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Health Information Systems

Our objective is to create a positive working relationship with you and your vendor that will select or enhance your HIS practice, and your employees’ working experience by addressing needs through automation while leveraging the existing infrastructure. We have extensive experience in understanding all elements of your HIS architecture. This includes your network, EMR/RCM system and all essential APIs (interfaces)

For new systems – we can assist you in selecting the best fit for your practice. We use a proprietary multi-vendor checklist and assessment tool for both electronic medical records and revenue cycle management selection. We will work with your team and the vendor to negotiate the terms of your working arrangement. Once implementation begins, we’ll keep our eyes on file building, end-user training, integrated application testing, third party interfacing, vendor and personnel management, while always remaining focused on delivering quality results on time and budget.

For existing systems – We enjoy great working relationships with many vendors and will be happy to work with your team and preferred vendor to ensure you are maximizing your high-quality system design to manage the administrative, financial, and clinical elements of your practice.

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Technology Strategy & Management

Technology is the lifeblood of any organization. Without carefully planned and maintained systems, the organization becomes crippled by disparate applications, system failures, and ineffective communication. Alternatively, a comprehensive technology strategy breathes life into a practice, providing fast and effective knowledge sharing, access to critical data and analytics, reliable systems, and improved workflows. 

To ensure your healthcare practice is poised to meet the challenges of modern medicine, leverage the combined expertise of Healthwise and our preferred technology partner, ACS. Our certified healthcare and technology experts will develop a strategic plan, implement, and support the following areas:

  • Networking
  • System integrations
  • Cybersecurity
  • Collaboration
  • And more

Download our technology checklist for healthcare providers to begin elevating your practice today.


Marketing & Public Relations

Healthwise has relationships with world-class marketing and public relations companies that utilize leading-edge technologies and practices in the fields of health and healthcare information dispersal and marketing. These relationships support effective marketing of your practice to your customer segments, which include patients, patient’s families, referring physicians, payors, employers, and the community. In tandem with our digital marketing and public relations partners, we create a customized plan in all areas of marketing.

Foundation – Logo, branding, landing page, website
Digital – SEO, SEM, CRM, Sponsored Content, Social Media
Collateral – Stationery Suite, Patient Handouts, Brochures
Public Relations – Press release, Email campaigns, referral campaigns

The new world is digital, digital, digital. Let Healthwise help you get in front of the curve.

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