The Journey Of Our Relationship With You

Our business model will create a climate where clinical excellence can prosper. We focus on building a great workplace on a growth-oriented strengths-based foundation. We think all stakeholder’s experiences in an organization matter, and as such, we consider patients, employees, and partners. Our physician practice management engineering is designed for growth and wealth creation for your world-class practice to propel you into a sustainable future.


The first step in any relationship can be the most challenging and also the most exciting. We take that first step through exploratory meetings with genuine intention, so each party can better understand each other’s strengths and value proposition. We will take the time to learn about your present market position, the current business model, any challenges you are experiencing, and what your goals are for your practice. We must understand both your stated and hidden culture, to identify any potential barriers to success. We consider this comprehensive and high-level strategic planning essential to determine a go-forward strategy.

  • The current state of the business
  • Future (desired) state of the business
  • High-level strategic review
  • Growth Opportunity Identification


Taking an entrepreneurial approach, we evaluate your unique landscape and consider your desired outcome to create a customized business model that fits your vision. We’ll evaluate your current state and provide you with best practice, results-driven recommendations in the domains listed below. We’ll deliver a strategic roadmap detailing every step necessary to create the business you envision. During the consulting phase, you’ll have a benefit of the entire Healthwise team working on your practice.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Growth Strategy Planning
  • Pro Forma Development
  • Real Estate Planning
  • Marketing Assessment
  • Practice Management Support


Healthwise Management is a full-service management company. We do not require long term agreements, investments, or equity in any of our transactions. Our business model is to work alongside your current management team or fill a void if needed to execute your management strategy. Healthwise can work to develop and train physicians and administrative individuals to lead your practice.

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