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New Days Require New Ways: Let Healthwise Management Help

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co-authored by Michelle L. Davis

We are well into the new year, and the start of 2021 looks very different than the start of 2020, right? If your business is like so many others, last year took a toll on your bottom line. Maybe you had to lay off team members or close your doors for a period of time. There was no shortage of hard decisions to be made last year. For many business and medical practices across the nation, 2020 was a year for the books. The kind of book you’d like to burn!

But even the worst books have at least a few redeeming qualities. A few lessons that can be extracted. And 2020, despite its challenges, had a few things to teach us.

You’ve Got a Friend in Us

At Healthwise Management, it was our great honor to walk alongside each of our valued clients every step of last year’s turbulent journey, helping them to process the news, face the challenges, respond, pivot, communicate with their team members, customers and patients in new ways and so, so much more. Leaning into trusted partnerships is the best way to weather a storm!

Replace Bottom-Line Thinking (for now) with Something Better

Without a doubt, for any business, it’s scary to watch numbers dip, whether those numbers are consultations booked, surgeries scheduled, products sold, or even actual profits. And the reality is, for many medical practices—both large and small—this was the situation they were faced with in 2020.

At Healthwise Management, we’d like to propose that during seasons of uncertainty and stagnation in the market, as tempting as it may be to hyper-focus on numbers and revenue, it’s actually the ideal time to have a focus shift.

Shelve (at least temporarily) the bottom-line thinking and, instead, take a look at some tangible things you can do to position your organization for success. Things like improving your product/service/delivery, so that when the market stabilizes, and the customer comes back, what you have to offer will be better, more streamlined, more excellent in every way than it was before.

Sounds great, but how in the world do you do that?! So glad you asked.

The Healthwise360° Practice Assessment

Need a new way for the new day we find ourselves in? Our 360° Practice Assessment is a great first step. Our proprietary analysis system will look at your practice from every angle so we can identify what is working well, pinpoint any areas for improvement as well as plug any gaps that are keeping things from running as seamlessly (and profitably!) as they could.

We look at eight domains spanning from the clinical to the cultural, analyzing over 700 individual components. Normally, our Healthwise360° assessment is at least 10 hours long and costs clients around $3,000. But for a limited time, we are offering an abbreviated version valued at $1,000 completely free!

What does the free Healthwise360° Assessment include?

  • Three hours of facetime (virtual or in-person) with the Healthwise Management experts
  • Assessment of key areas as discussed
  • A customized report, complete with recommended action items

A Healthwise360° Assessment is right for you if:

  • You want to spend more time seeing patients and less time managing your practice
  • You need help with clinic flow
  • Your practice is facing business or legal challenges
  • Your practice revenue is not where you want it to be
  • You would like to introduce a new revenue stream but aren’t sure where to start
  • You are a single practitioner looking to transition to a group practice
  • You need help creating, implementing, nurturing an engaging and productive culture inside your practice

Your Solution for Practice Growth

Whether you are just starting to create your strategy for this new day or are well down the path and need a tune-up, partnering with Healthwise will elevate the clinical, cultural and operational aspects of your strategic plan. We’re here to help.

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