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Healthwise Management Makes National Endorsement

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As our first national endorsement of an ancillary product for pain management and behavioral health within a medical practice, we support CBD oil, manufactured and distributed by Medosi, a whole spectrum health company.

At Healthwise, we recognize the value of medical practices adding ancillary/retail products to help patients by meeting their consumer demand, and as a source of additional practice revenue.

“Adding a retail product to a clinical practice requires research and planning to be successful. Clinicians must carefully consider each product and perform financial and clinical due diligence on the product AND the company which manufactures and distributes.”

Fred Davis, MD

We endorse Medosi as a company whose values align with Healthwise Management and meets high ethical, quality and price control standards.

Learn more about CBD oil manufactured by Medosi and discover how this ancillary product could enhance your practice. As always, if Healthwise Management may serve your practice in any way, we are here for you.

Download ebook here.

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