Culture Building

Build Your  Culture – The Secret Sauce

A company culture works like the foundation of a building. It’s the same with your practice. If you don’t have a strong foundation in place, you won’t achieve your performance goals — no matter how much time and money you spend. Many medical practices mistakenly think of corporate culture as an intangible concept.

Culture goes way beyond a logo or cute tagline. Culture is a way of being in your daily life that gets into the bloodstream of an organization.  It certainly goes far beyond  inspirational quotes on the wall, or swag with your company tagline.

To have the organization’s mission and vision on a poster and the company website might be a start, however, to  achieve a culture of excellence, every employee must understand not only the company’s vision, but the values on which the business is based.  Learning how to model those values and weave them into the daily work is the work that most organizations miss – not  Healthwise Management!  We approach your practices’ culture like everything we do in terms of values based while creating the work environment you need to be successful.

Your staff will receive the benefit of an array of workshops and assessment tools, some of which include.

  1. 360-degree cultural assessment
  2. Strengths based cultural development using Gallup strengths-based tools
  3. Develop or retool your mission, vision and values
  4. TKI Conflict management tools, workshops and training
  5. Performance leadership development for physicians and executive staff

Healthwise Management will design a customized approach that we’ll cascade to all levels of your organization to achieve the culture you want to achieve your dream of a great place to work and refocusing your medical practice on your patients and employees having an exceptional experience.  Along the way, your professional life gets better and your practice will realize amazing returns in productivity.

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