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People are the lifeblood of any business and human behavior can impact business functions in many ways. Sometimes this is not recognized by companies; it can be difficult for companies to identify human behaviors that may be holding the business back. This is more so true for smaller private companies without external stakeholders who have other outside perspectives that can push growth and help generate new ideas. When one surrounds themselves with people who always agree or say yes, that can be problematic as there are fewer checks and balances. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely states that, “people can be predictably irrational, more often than not, our decisions are informed by our own natural biases and tendencies, in addition to facts at hand.”

Many business invest a lot of resources to get processes from inventory and customer interactions to sales of companies in place but neglect the human element; they fail to recognize the innate human biases and proclivities that influence the behaviors they exhibit and decisions individuals may make on a daily basis.

Startup & Turnaround

We evaluate clinical, operational and organizational items that are critical to a successful startup or retooling a portion of your practice.  Our service includes roadmaps, supporting documents, implementation plans, proformas, success metrics and strategies to get your new practice going or your current practice turned around.  A key factor of your success will be the foundational work to develop your leadership, governance and culture!

Consulting services we provide are:

      • Physician business ownership, leadership and culture development training and workshops
      • Proprietary startup plan with over 700 line items to make sure you don’t miss a step!  
      • Supporting formational and organizational documents for governance, operations and clinical services
      • Proformas and success metrics for every service line and program
      • Strategic planning for capturing market share and/or strengthen local alliances
      • Marketing and Public relations to enhance your integration into the community.

Clinical Program & Ancillaries Development

Need to grow or add a service line?  We have a vast array of expertise in growing existing service lines or new medical programing.  In tandem with your team, we’ll include and tailor all due diligence reports, proformas, implementation plans and success metrics.  Some examples include:

New Clinical Programs

  • Pain Management
  • Behavioral Health
  • Physician and Staff Education

Ancillary Services

  • Health & Wellness Products

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